Kevin M. Carragee

Kevin M. Carragee teaches in the Department of Communication and Journalism at Suffolk University. He joined MRAP in 1990.

He has a deep interest in the relationship between the news media and democracy, with ongoing research on the interaction between the news media and social movements. Carragee also examines the relationship between news and ideology.

He received a Fulbright Scholarship in 1993 for teaching and research in Poland, and has produced studies examining American news media coverage of both the Solidarity trade union movement and the end of the Cold War. Carragee also has a longstanding interest in urban communication, especially struggles related to contested urban space.   

His recent work, produced in collaboration with Larry Frey (University of Colorado at Boulder) and strongly influenced by MRAP, has defined a particular form of engaged communication scholarship: communication activism research (CAR). CAR, as a form of activist scholarship, focuses on communication researchers working with and for disenfranchised groups to secure social and political change. Frey and Carragee have produced three edited volumes related to CAR: Communication Activism: Communication for Social Change (2007); Communication Activism: Media and Performance Activism (2007); Communication Activism: Struggling for Social Justice Amidst Difference (2012).

Carragee and Frey currently are working on a book providing researchers with an examination of the challenges and opportunities confronting CAR.