Who We Are

Since 1985, the Movement and Media Research Action Project (MRAP) has operated as a faculty-student-community collaboration committed to helping under-represented and misrepresented constituencies influence public discourse, including news media coverage. MRAP was university-based but supported community partners including trade unions, Central America solidarity groups, domestic violence survivors, welfare, housing, immigrant and language rights groups, as well as environmental, economic and climate justice organizations. 

Over weekly breakfast, emerging scholar-activists, activists, and scholars engaged in movement relevant research met to discuss and revise our works-in-progress. See our cultural agreements in Resources.  We miss and remember Paolo Donati, Sharon Kurtz, Greg Maney, and Bill Meinhofer. 




Media Fellows

Lidia Valera Ordaz, PH.D.

Communication Department
University of Valencia
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Michelle Gawerc, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Loyola University, Maryland

Bobby Wengronowitz, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor


Lidia Valera Ordaz

Lidia Valera Ordaz

Lidia Valera Ordaz